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Construction Workers

1 Life Safety

Safety Done Right

Safety Designed for Everyone

Making sure that every employee gets home safe every day is our #1 priority, and we know it is for you, too. Safety is designed to protect any American worker to keep them safe and represented at their job. We want to help you build a culture around work safety, hazards, risks, and proper procedures for any circumstances at  your job.

Training and Education

Safety training and education is crucial to any job and worker. Through proper training and education, you will not only lower your accident rate, but you will increase your bottom line in profits. 1 Life Safety offers classes in OSHA Training, Disaster Training, First Aid/CPR, ARC Flash Training (High and Low Voltage), LOTO, Active Shooter, and Evacuation.

Unique Safety Consulting

We want to take your company to the next level with Safety. 1 Life Safety understands that this starts with assessing your companies individual needs. We offer help and consultation on your regular safety needs, supplying toolbox talks, full Safety Plans tailored to your needs, and quality Scope work for insurance claims.


About Me

Safety Consultant

I've been in the Safety Industry and an instructor for over 17 years, and in the Construction Industry for over 27 years. I believe that safety starts with education and continues through action. My goal is to help workers and businesses establish a culture based on safety through education and continued practice. When you work with me, you should expect transparency, consistency, and someone who really understands the industry from the perspective of both safety and construction work.

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4611 East Chandler Boulevard Suite 112
Phoenix, AZ, 85048,
United States


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