"Because you only get 1 Life, Make it Safe"

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Safety Right


Safety designed for everyone

We focus on how safety affects business and the individual worker. A business can be affected financially by an injury of a single worker. This can be in the form of fines from OSHA, hospital bills, and can go as far as having your business blacklisted from being able to continue work.  Safety is not only designed for business as it is designed for the American worker to be safe and represented at their job as well. It is important that every person goes home unharmed. Therefore, it is important that we design a culture around work safety, hazards, risks, and proper procedures for the individual circumstances each worker will face in their day to day job.


We plan to take your company to next level with quality scopes and plan building, as well as expert training. By taking advantage of one of our many classes or products, you will not only lower your accident rate, but you will increase your bottom line in profits. We offer classes in OSHA training, Disaster training, First aid/ CPR, ARC flash training ( High and Low Voltage) LOTO, Active shooter, and Evacuation. To top it off, we offer Safety Plans tailored to your needs and Scope work for insurance claims. We add value to your claim work and plan process by adding detail to them with aerial drone photos.

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